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About Us

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1st Edition of World Performing Arts Competition is organized by Shristii Performing Arts Center, New Delhi - INDIA 2023. WPAC series brings together dancers of different styles and backgrounds, allowing them to express their creativity, synchronization, and artistic impact.

WPAC is a place where world class artists may compete with great passion from heart, have fun and build fond memories of their competitive experiences. Our judges are experienced. We run on Schedule, We create the festive vibe as much as amazingly positive and uplifting with friendly environment.

WPAC is a perfect stage to showcase the Artist's talents, dedication, and passion, Performers can show their glorious culture through breathtaking music and dance.

" WPAC is more than a dance competition! We are motivated in bringing to life many lost cultures through beautiful & blissful performing arts. Let’s build the dancers of tomorrow, today ".

  • Our unique environment affords the opportunity to showcase the mental and physical discipline that it takes to be a dancer, while promoting the extraordinary confidence it takes to be a performer.
  • Our beautiful stages will be shared by thousands of performers who will all have their moment to shine in a positive, rewarding & exhilarating setting.
  • Whether you’re a dancer, a fan of any art form, or someone who appreciates the power of movement, WPAC invites you to join our vibrant dance community.
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